It’s mango season and I’m ready to celebrate it. I’ve already lined up new recipes to try starting with a Blackberry, Mango, Lemon Poppy Seed Salad with Earl Grey Coconut Creme from With Food and Love.  Just reading the ingredients makes my mouth water.

Mango is a tropical fruit and can be green, yellow, orange, even red. The ones we see most often in Florida are the smaller paisley shaped yellow and the larger orange/blush egg shaped varieties. Eaten raw,  they provide a sweet and juicy addition to salads, salsas, and smoothies. Try this recipe from a previous post:   A variety of salad recipes are available for mango from my favorite sites and you can often substitute it for pineapple if its flavor has a greater appeal for you.  Check out Alkaline Sisters, Oh She Glows, The Edible Perspective, or Mouth Watering Vegan for inspiring salads, curry, and Phyllo rolls.

The mango has an oblong center stone and best way to get the pulp away from it is described here:

Cooked, mangos can add sweetness and interest to tofu, for example:  This is one of my favorite Maple, Ginger, Mango mixes, but there are other versions. You might want to try Post Punk Kitchen’s version if you enjoy a bit of jalepeno pepper.

Mango pairs well with red onion and I particularly like the combo in this black rice salad from Vegangela  The dish is colorful and exotic looking and makes a great presentation with little effort.  I also chop it, or pineapple (whatever is on hand) into brown rice or quinoa with kale and/or broccoli rabe, then toss in some almond slices or cashews.

Try tossing mango chunks into your favorite bean or quesadilla recipe for freshness and a new twist. Mango also works well in stir fry. Combine with Chinese 5 spice or with cilantro.

I like to purchase mangos on sale (of course) and in a variety of stages of ripeness. Mangos that are unripe can be terribly bitter and fibrous. When ready, they are sweet, juicy, and the pulp is softened. Those that are just about ready I leave out in a bowl and refrigerate the others until I need them to completely ripen. Mangos also freeze well. Just slice them when ripe and portion out into freezer proof bags or containers. These will be welcome when season is over and the price triples.

In addition to the fruit salad at the beginning of this post, this week I’m making a Roast Vegetable Fruit & Coconut Curry. Yummy!

I hope this post inspires you to experiment with mango. Enjoy!




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