Nothing says summer like the taste of lemonade, the bright yellow color of lemons, or the smell of lemon in the kitchen or laundry. Lemons can add a punch of color to a room or a punch of flavor to cooking. Meyer lemons, sweeter than regular lemons, can even be sliced into salads or on sandwiches. Today’s post honors the lemon.

One of my favorite recipes – and perhaps my favorite cake – is from Have Cake Will Travel and is called Lemony French Cake. Plan ahead because you need to allow this cake to sit and develop flavor. It’s heavenly – definitely worth the wait. If prepared correctly, it should have the texture and taste of a moist pound cake. I prefer it served with a simple icing of lemon juice and powdered sugar, but you can make a vegan cream cheese lemon frosting if you like. (Don’t do it – let the cake stand on its own) This treat is both elegant and cozy. Find the recipe at http://havecakewilltravel.com/2007/08/12/lemony-french-cake  It’s a lovely site to visit. Enjoy!

We love pasta even in summer time. But rich, heavy sauces are better suited to the winter months. Lemons to the rescue. Combined with olive oil and few herbs, lemon provides both the flavor punch and the dose of refreshment pasta requires in warm weather.  Here’s a recipe from Usually Vegan that’s simple and a good basic recipe to keep in your arsenal. Endless variations are possible. I like this one because she chooses to use asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes, which I like. But a simple sauce – it’s more of a dressing, really – of lemon and oil is all you need to create pasta salads and warm pasta dishes. Try tossing with pine nuts, cooking in some mushrooms, or fresh picked tomatoes cut into chunks.  http://www.usuallyvegan.com/tag/vegan-lemon-pasta-recipe/

That covers the entrée and dessert. What about ambience? Simple. Three lemons in a simple white or wood bowl on the table will provide color and fragrance. Simple, practical, minimal, enjoyable. Lets not forget the re-usable cloth napkins. A little lemon juice into your washing will make your linens fresh and summer smelling. And of course if you squeeze a little lemon juice onto your sponge or polishing cloth, the entire room will carry the fresh lemon scent. Nothing is more conducive to comfort than cleanliness.

Before you retire for the evening and when you get up in the morning, have a cup warm water with lemon juice rather than tea. This is soothing to the liver and kidneys. The perfect treat for your body after a day of  baking, cooking, washing and polishing as described above.








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